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Male/35. I'm horny & bi-curious. I love chatting, don't be shy.
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Mila Kunis looks sexy pregnant. 

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If it the dick does not fit, you must add more spit…

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Daddy, come play with me💕

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If I keep squirting and cumming like this I’ll go crazy

Holy shit.  I would drink her up. 

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those tongues make me sooooo fucking wet, god they look good…

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I’m hoping you found me via the messages I sent to other Tumblr’s of a similar ilk. 
Yes, it’s me, Purecandifloss. I got deleted, AGAIN. As always with Tumblr, they don’t give you the chance to defend yourself or let you know which post(s) offended. 
Anyway, I will get posting again in the VERY near future. 
Could I ask that every single one of you repost this, and keep on spreading the news? I’ve still to find 29,960 followers I lost!!

Candifloss is back.  Go follow the new blog.  He has some of the best videos around. 

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So fucking yummy!! And the sound is amazing hot! 

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Friday afternoon fun with the Wife! Love when she squeezes, bites, and sucks my engorged balls! Let the fapping commence!

Mmmmm . After working 17 hours straight.. This is my reward.. mmmmmm

Everybody should follow her.  She has massive tits and loves to suck cock.  And she’s damn good at it. 

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Sounds like an excellent idea lol!

Pleased :)





Sounds like an excellent idea lol!

Pleased :)


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herpityderpity7-deactivated2014 asked: Where did u get that vibrating penis mold? Would u recommend it? Or is it a POS


It was the Clone-a-Willy kit. 

The lady I sent it to was very happy with it.  You have to hold your cock perfectly still in the plaster while it hardens and I kinda screwed it up and it came out a bit goofy. 

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Anonymous asked: Pussy


Is this an insult or request?

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